2017 - Leading through Diversity

Sports Leadership Programme - "Leading through Diversity"

Programme Objectives:

  • To create opportunities for staff and community members to gain education and training in the field of sports management.
  • To inject energy and passion into the running and managing of the school’s sport.
  • To help the schools build functional recreational programmes for their learners.
  • To offer sports management support (finances, marketing, logistics, etc.) to the school.
  • To help the school take full advantage of the beautiful facilities they have available to them.

Brief Description:

In South Africa, most former Model C schools have recognised the value of having qualified and experienced sports managers on their staff as their education and experience cover areas such as Public Relations, Marketing, Event Management, Communication and Business Management. One and sometimes more than one specialists in the area of sports management are employed at these schools and they ensure that the school population engages in a healthy all-year-round sports programme, creating healthy children who learn invaluable life skills through sports participation.

Sadly, virtually none of the South African schools in the previously disadvantaged communities have the resources to employ such personnel. The result of this is that most of these schools do not have organised sports and recreational programmes for their school children. This means that in South Africa we have a very dysfunctional school sporting system as the majority of the population’s school-going children are not afforded the opportunity to participate in sports at grassroots level.

The Thoba Sports Consulting (TSC) Sports Leadership Programme seeks to address this challenge by providing opportunities for 3 – 5 staff members as well as up to 10 community members from selected schools to undergo an intense 18-month sports management programme that will leave the school with 3 – 5 staff members and an additional 10 coomunity members who will be capable of managing the school’s sport and recreation programme for years to come. The programme will also inject some much needed energy and passion into the school’s sporting life and its staff. The programme has a potential of creating roughly 5 – 10 part-time jobs for community members. In addition to the part-time employment, there is potential to train volunteers to assist with community events, such as fun runs / walks, sports festivals, etc.

The TSC Sports Leadership Programme is a sports mentorship programme we have designed to assist schools in the previously disadvantaged communities by conducting sports administration and sports coaching short courses. These are followed by working together with the school in setting up the correct administrative infrastructure as well assisting with providing coaching and playing equipment for the educators and learners. Both projects are funded by Grassroots Youth Development.

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